DramaFever vs. Hulu Plus: Best Streaming Platform for Korean Content?
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DramaFever vs. Hulu Plus: Best Streaming Platform for Korean Content?

There is some overlap between the two services in terms of shows, and the two even cooperate on some shows, using each other’s services. But in terms of Korean programming, DramaFever is the specialist site. That means that if you want to browse Korean shows and that’s what you primarily care about, that’s the site to go for. Hulu Plus is more cost efficient and stable however, so casual Korean content fans who also want access to other content will be better off there.
Covered in this report
DramaFever — Best Features
Possibility to get free Korean TV-related shirts with membership.
Truly wide offering of Korean shows including premium content for members only.
Best for: True Korean content fans not interested in watching other content as much.
Best deal: It's a $9.99 discount off of a DramaFever Premium $99.99 one-year plan - [activate coupon]
Hulu Plus — Best Features
Streams from some Dramafever shows, as well as varied other content
Just 8 dollars per month with no long term commitment.
Best for: Ideal for more short term viewing of Korean shows, or those interested in one particular show rather than browsing.
Best deal: 2-week free trial with a .edu address - [activate coupon]

Finding Korean Content

If you’re not actually living in Korea, it can be tricky to find streaming Korean shows online. Ever since the “Hallyu,” or “Korean Wave,” interest in Korean fashion and content in movies, television, music and others has been booming. The worldwide hit “Gangam Style” has only been increasing this interest in the U.S.

 While there are various places to buy individual TV shows, if you want to stream them to your computer for as cheap as possible you’ll want to pick a site like Dramafever or Hulu Plus. Each site has some pluses and minuses, and the right one for you will depend on the features you want, and which Korean shows you’re addicted to viewing.


Dramafever has many free Korean shows, but you can also upgrade your account for a monthly subscription fee. This costs about 10 dollars a month, of you can pay 100 dollars for a year in order to save on the monthly fee. There’s also a 3 year plan available.



-Free Premium Trial for 7 days

-No ads in the paid version

-HD (720p) in the free trial

-Premium Content

-Mobile apps including for Android and iPad

-Premium members get access to series before others.

-Members occasionally get TV-themed gifts like T-shirts.

-Over 500 different series

Broadcasters Included

-Includes all three major broadcasters in Korea-KBS, SBS, MBC

- Sanlih E-Television,

-Funimation, Asahi TV, ABS-CBN,

-Group Eight


-JS Pictures



Content Available (examples)

-Coffee Prince

-Jewel in the Palace

-Shining Inheritance

-Boys Over Flowers

-Cinderella's Sister

-Music Videos from “Psy” (like Gangam Style)



Some users have complained of connection problems with Dramafever, and audio/sync difficulties. Error messages and sudden drops in service have also been remarked upon by premium subscribers. The site’s new partnerships have probably gone a long way to mending this issue, however.


DramaFever focuses specifically on Asian programming including for Korean content, which gives it an edge over Hulu Plus and other sites in terms of sheer number of shows and content available. The “Korean Wave”, is actually how the New York based site got their start, so it’s what they know best.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an extension of the free Hulu service. Hulu is one of the leaders in online video streaming on the web. The service costs around 8 dollar a month. Unfortunately, the service does have ads, but it also has a wide range of content including on Korean television, as well as many American shows. Hulu Plus has a recent partnership with other services that give it additional Korean programming, although this isn’t what the site is focusing on specifically.


-Full TV shows (instead of last 5 episodes you get with regular Hulu)

-HD content where available

-Mobile apps for TV shows (Hulu is PC only)

-1 Week free trial

Content Examples

-Greet Seer

-Coffee Prince

-Horse Doctor

-Rooftop Prince


Hulu Plus still has ads, even with the paid service, though the ads show less often than with the regular Hulu version. But this will still be a turn off for some people. It’s also the case that Hulu Plus is something you can only access from Japan or the United States. It won’t work while you’re in other countries.


The Hulu Plus service works on a wide range of devices including Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3. It also has one of the wider ranges of shows on the Web, including many streaming Korean series that it gets directly through other sites. As a large scale site, the service will tend to be more stable than with other smaller services as well.

OK, But Which One Should I Choose?

If you want-

No ads- Go with Dramafever. Completely ad-free isn’t even an option on Hulu plus. They’ve decided to keep ads in order to also keep their costs low.

Stability- Go with Hulu Plus Dramafever is still working out the bugs in some places, and they even use Hulu servers themselves.

Specific Korean Shows- As long as Hulu Plus has the show you want; they will likely be more reliable at bringing the show you want to you faster.

Korean Content Browsing- Dramafever started as a site interested in the first Korean Wave, and that is still one of their strengths. So if you want to just wander around watching new Korean shows, you will probably find more variety at Dramafever.

Additional Information
DramaFever Coupon Code: TEN_LOYAL_DISCOUNT - It's a $9.99 discount off of a DramaFever Premium $99.99 one-year plan - Activate
Hulu Plus
Hulu Plus Coupon: 2-week free trial with a .edu address - Activate
Hulu Plus Coupon Code: CIOQSA - 2 weeks free trial for new signups - Activate
Hulu Plus Coupon: 7 Day Free Pass - Activate
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